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April 19-21, 2017
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The 2017 Business Writers Conference will provide you with the blueprint for success in the publishing industry. Writing a book is an elusive goal for many business professionals as they seek an outlet to offer guidance and expertise to a very broad audience. According to the New York Times, 81% of professionals want to write a book. That’s why we have lined up over a dozen of the most accomplished experts in business book publishing to show you the practices, tools, and connections you need to have success publishing books about your expertise and experience.

How To Write a Book That People Will Buy, Read, and Love

Karl Weber

Karl Weber

Build a Business Around Your Book or Use Your Book To Drive Your Business

keynote 1

So You Want to
Write a Book…

Elaine Biech

Elaine Biech

Do You Have
a Book Idea?
Check Your Elevator Pitch, First

Neal Maillet

Neal Maillet

Let’s Explore Hybrid Publishing: A New Option for Business Writers

keynote speakers


Make Your Social Media Marketing Easier and More Effective

Fauzia Burke

Fauzia Burke

The Business of Your Words and The Glory of Others: How a Successful Co-author Is Born

Bob Andelman

Bob Andelman

in the Color of

Chip Bell

Chip Bell

How to Establish
Your Brand
Across All Media Platforms

David Hahn

David Hahn

The Business Writer’s
Advantages & Challenges

Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman

Closing Keynote Session:
The Lighthouse of Legacy

Scott Mautz

Scott Mautz

What You Need to Know About Writing a Book

Sara Taheri

Using Models and Metaphors to Write Your Book

Maureen Orey

Maureen Orey

Exploding Your Brand: Leverage Your Book’s Key Messages To Expand Your Reach and Build Your Business

Dottie DeHart

Dottie DeHart

Successful Indie Publishing: Bringing Your Book to Market

Chris Kennedy

Chris Kennedy

Your Book: Out of Your Head and Onto the Page

Full Day Workshop with Elaine Biech
Tuesday, April 18, 2017, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Cost: $295

Do you have a book that is fighting to come out? A book that must be written? This hands-on workshop focuses on your book. The session is jam-packed with tips, strategies, tools, resources, and ideas to create, publish, and promote your book. You will receive marketing, publishing, PR and writing advice. The one-day session will provide you with the resources to clearly define an action plan for your next steps and to finally get that book written.


At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • List what to do before, during, and after your book is published.
  • Distinguish traditional vs. self-published books, specifying the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Use a defined process to write your book in 2 weeks.
  • Apply tips for selecting an impressive cover.
  • Execute the eight editing enigmas to improve your self-editing.
  • State 6 requirements to land a publishing deal.
  • Implement tips and advice to get your book noticed by readers.


Rising above the Noise: Maximizing Your Profits with

½ Day Workshop with Chris Kennedy
Wednesday, April 19, 2017 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Cost: $145

Now that you’ve got a book, how do you get people to find it among the 800,000 books that will be published on Amazon this year? How do you draw attention to your book and get into the Amazon algorithm? You need to know Amazon’s algorithm and how to beat it if you want to maximize your sales. This workshop will show you the path to success Chris used to sell 40,000 books last year and have two different #1 Amazon bestsellers!


Turning Your Book Dream Into a Reality: Writing Secrets of Best-Selling Authors

1 and ½ day workshop with Karl Weber
Friday, April 21, 2017, 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday, April 22, 2017, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Cost: $395

Your life and work have taught you a lot.  Now you’re ready to share some of your insights in a book.  You may already be a skilled communicator, good at giving speeches and presentations or writing effective reports and articles.  But creating a powerful book of 200 pages or more—one that readers will find fascinating and rewarding, and will eagerly recommend to friends and colleagues—is a much more daunting task.  How do you get started?

Writer/editor Karl Weber has helped scores of aspiring authors turn their ideas into successfully published books.  Many have become national bestsellers; many are considered classics in their field and have helped the authors earn recognition as subject-matter experts in high demand as speakers, teachers, and consultants.

In this one-and-a-half-day workshop, Weber will offer you the same kinds of ultra-valuable advice he provides his clients.  Among other things, you’ll learn:

  • How to define your book idea, identify its potential audience, and sharpen its focus so as to maximize its reader appeal
  • How to organize the mass of information, stories, and ideas that are floating in your head, and turn them into a book that’s clear, coherent, and compelling
  • How to discover the “story value” hidden in virtually every nonfiction book concept—and how to use it to hook readers from the first paragraph
  • Proven techniques for conquering the demon that even experienced authors dread—writer’s block
  • The six hard truths about the writing and editing process that all authors should know (but that very few do)
  • Nine of the most powerful stylistic tools that professional writers rely on to make their work irresistible—as well as tips on how (and how not) to use them
  • How to decide whether you need the help of a freelance writer or editor—and how to find and work with the one who is right for your book
  • What kinds of editorial support you can realistically expect to receive from your publisher, and how to maximize its value
  • When the editor is you: ensuring your book’s quality when you opt for self-publishing
  • Simple things you can do during the writing and editing process to dramatically enhance your book’s salability


No two books are alike.  But every aspiring author can benefit from the hard-won wisdom contained in this workshop.  Sign up today!

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Business Writers Conference

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You will learn the blueprint for success in the publishing industry.

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