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Much of the Business Writers Boot Camp content will be practical, emphasizing clear and engaging writing.  The focus of this workshop will be on publishing your book.  This task often appears more daunting than the actual reality of publishing.  The boot camp will guide you through the book development process. Learn to:

  • Define your concept.
  • Identify your market.
  • Develop your proposal.
  • Secure a contract.
  • Write an engaging book.
  • Deliver your book on time.
  • Promote your book.
  • Build a business with your book.


The Business Writers Boot Camp, facilitated by Jack and Patti Phillips, authors of over 125 business books,
explores how and where to be published, how to develop specific ideas for a book, and how to take the first step to secure a publishing contract. The focus is on developing ideas for publication, the mechanics of the proposal process, and the discipline and structure necessary to have a success. This workshop is about writing a book that publishers want to publish and the audience wants to read, while meeting the standards and requirements of legitimate publishers. Boot Camp Participants will identify the need for a book, complete a book proposal, and after the workshop, send a proposal to the appropriate publisher.

Part I: Getting Started

1. Importance of writing a book

2. Discussion of pre-work video

3. Roadblocks, Barriers, and Mental Blocks

4. Finding your niche

Part II: The Book Proposal

1. Description

2. The Need For This Book

3. Audience

4. Competition or Perceived Competition

5. Table of Contents

6. Preface

7. Structure and Flow

8. Marketing and Promotion

9. Format and Delivery

10. Capability

11. Presenting Your Book Proposal

Part III: Finding the Right Publication

1. Finding a Book Publisher

2. Writing a Query Letter

Part IV: Developing The Ideas

1. Where Do Ideas Come From?

2. Idea Generation

3. Documenting the Idea

4. The Outline

Part V: Writing Fundamentals

1. Writing Tools

2. Writing Style

3. Structure and Flow

4. The Pyramid Principle

5. Writing Habits

6. Writing Websites

7. Editing

Part VI: Managing the Process

1. Staying on Track

2. The Editing Process

3. Marketing and Promotion

4. Handling Rejection

Facilitators: Jack and Patti Phillips

Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D.

Chairman, ROI Institute, Inc.

Co-founder, Business Writers Exchange, Inc.

Patti P. Phillips, Ph.D

President & CEO, ROI Institute

Co-founder, Business Writers Exchange, Inc.

Jack and Patti Phillips, the organizers of the conference, each have a writing experience that is uncommon in a professional field. Collectively, they have written or edited 125 books with major publishers around the world, including McGraw-Hill, John Wiley, AMACOM, Elsevier, Routledge, ASTD Press, SHRM Press, Nicholas Brealey, and Berrett-Koehler, among others. These books have been translated into 38 languages, and several have won national and international awards. Next year they will reach the milestone of writing or editing 50 books with the same publisher. Together, Jack and Patti will write or edit 6 to 8 books a year to support their consulting business, yet they    don’t use author as an occupation on their resume. In addition, they have written over 300 articles for professional publications, over 25 chapters for other books, and over one hundred case studies. They have expertise in serving as series editors for four publishers of professional business books (Elsevier, John Wiley, ASTD Press, and SHRM Press). They have self-published three books and developed an eBook with CrossKnowledge, a Wiley brand.

They have vast knowledge of the publishing business, including developing book ideas, proposal writing, securing book contracts, conducting the research, writing efficiently, producing the manuscript, and marketing and promoting the book.  This experience provided the spark to offer this Boot Camp to support writers.

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